United Building Maintenance Inc in Albany At United Building Maintenance Inc., a residential & commercial cleaning company in Albany, NY, we are dedicated to offering superior cleaning services while protecting the environment. We live in a world affected by climate changes and the exploitation of the environment. United Building Maintenance understands that we cannot take our earth for granted, which is why we offer exceptional green cleaning services for both facilities and homes. As full service cleaning professionals, we strive to provide clean solutions without polluting the planet. Green Environmental Movement With the ever-growing awareness for protecting the earth, the environmental movement is taking off now more than ever. The environmental movement often times encompasses both conservation and green movements. This movement advocates the sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the natural environment. From global warming to recycling to indoor air quality, the green environmental movement draws awareness to it all. United Building Maintenance inc In Albany United Building Maintenance Inc. is located in Albany, New York. The company was founded by CEO Helen Sigsby in 1998. Our vast range of clients includes state office buildings, privately owned businesses, and homeowners. At United Building Maintenance Inc., we are a full service contract company that is dedicated to providing our clients with green cleaning. By offering exceptional green cleaning, we are able to assist our clients in the promotion of a healthier environment and lifestyle. Our products do not endanger adults, children, pets, or the environment. Additionally, our products and services promote superior indoor air quality. UBMI's Mission With a mission to provide exceptional services with commitment, United Building Maintenance Inc. is united by an unspoken promise to find joy in our work serving both our company and our client. Our company prides itself on utilizing only the best green cleaning products to promote a healthier environment for all. Top 5 Reasons To Choose Us: Green Cleaning Company Excellent Customer Experience Knowledgeable, Uniformed, Trained, Professional Technicians Quick Availability Guaranteed Results Exceptional Green Services At United Building Maintenance Inc., we proudly provide the following green services to our clients: Janitorial Carpet cleaning Stain Removal Odor Removal Drapery Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Floor Care Services Water Restoration Cleaning of tiled, VCT, and stone floors Strip and Waxing Residential cleaning

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  • Excellent Customer Experience
  • Green Cleaning Company
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Knowledgeable,Uniformed, Trained, Professional Technicians
  • Quick Availability

Top 5 Reasons
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In addition to removal of dust mites and allergens, we also specialize in:

  • Stain Removal
  • Odor Removal

Furthermore, we at United Building Maintenance also understand the strict schedules commercial spaces require maintaining for cleaning activities. Speak with any one of our executives or trained experts and they will help you create a suitable cleaning plan which does not coincide with your office operating hours.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Services

Hiring our professional services for your commercial carpet cleaning needs is a great way to avail reliable and high quality cleaning services. Our superior green carpet cleaning solutions help ensure that your commercial facility has the least amount of dust, mite and allergens concentration levels. With the help of our environment friendly cleaning practices, we are able to facilitate healthy work environment for yourself and your employees.

Since all our processes and products consist of non-toxic or green ingredients that adhere to high standards in safety, you can rest assured that all your staff will be safe from any kind of allergies or health problems.

Our superior carpet and flooring services ensure that your facility has the least amount of dust mite allergen concentrations possible. Through our exceptional green clean services, we are able to reduce the dust mite allergen levels, which promote health and reduce other adverse health effects. All of our processes and products are safe, non-toxic ingredients. By only using top-notch green cleaners, we can get the job done effectively and in a health manner.

United Building Maintenance –

The right choice for your Carpet Cleaning

United Building Maintenance would be happy to speak to you to setup a cleaning plan. From carpets and upholstery cleaning to fire and water damage restoration and repair, we proudly can and will do it all. We guarantee that we will get the job done correctly or your money back.

What makes Carpet Cleaning so Important?

With the hundreds if not thousands of footsteps that may occur in your office or commercial building space, over a period of time, the carpets laid tend to start housing dust, dirt, allergens and even stains from spills. Trapped dirt not only tends to show up in a few days or weeks, but is also the prime reason leading to allergies, breathing disorders, headaches and fatigue.

Furthermore, not cleaning your carpets at the workplace on a regular basis can result in unwanted illnesses, lower productivity and high attrition rates. While you may assume that the simple vacuuming conducted by the janitor is sufficient, that may not be the case.

Considering that you and your employees spend almost 90% of your working hours indoors, at the office, you deserve nothing but a healthy and aesthetically appealing environment. With the help of our professional commercial carpet cleaning services you can make sure that your business property is able to maintain high standards of hygienic and immaculate appeal that attract clients and motivate employees to get more productive.

Carpet Cleaning and Care

Transform Your Office Cpace with our Impeccable Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Albany, NY!